artist, composer, producer, performer, designer, researcher and aggregation from UK

Secondary Efflorescence on the Dam of the Robert Moses Niagara Hydroelectric Power Station (cass [C60] & digital, split with Atrocious Neighbour, Obsidian Pond and Komodo Haunts [aka White Goblin], 2013, SicSic Tapes, DE - sicsic063)

Atrocious Neighbour was a joining of 2 heads, that of userℌ↻➬◌ℨ and myself.

"Sonic horn of plenty from Obsidian Pond and Komodo Haunts who also collaborate as Atrocious Neighbour on this one for the first time. Over an hour of psychedelic jams that cover all sorts of sublime styles and sounds: from faux gamelan style meditations to deep n’ dark atmospheres."

all images & music © alecs pierce, 2013