artist, composer, producer, performer, designer, researcher and aggregation from UK

Garrulous Hyphae (2017)

Digital mycological collage; Lycra mould-hide; digital animation; musical composition; Polymorph mask, facial-augmenting eyepiece and claw rings; Petzl headlamp; spruce branches populated by Usnea barbata and Evernia prunastri.

A foraging of vocal fragments speaks to ephemeral encounters with myth-form entities; ergonomic reconfigurable plastics imbued with something other; mycelia turned insulation layer; mould sprites in the area

Installed/performed as 'Yem Gel & Alecs Pierce' at LANDMARK, Bergen, Norway as part of After School Special - 13/12/17

GH 4_2 (Exc i 6_22 - 8_42).mp3 GH 4_2 (Exc ii 14_40 - 16_48).mp3