artist, composer, producer, performer, designer, researcher and aggregation from UK

MugWorld 2017

Video; MugWord font file; research text; living Artemisia vulgaris; nutrient-depleted post-industrial soil; laser-etched acrylic cuboids; rain water; A3 pamphlet/poster

It is this World; the one in which Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) continues to grow close to and benefit from Human-made transport routes: and in which some Humans continue to make medicinal and culinary use of Mugwort’s chemical compound synthesis. It is the Earth from the perspective of this plant, a shifting but ever-workable habitat composed of exponentially multiplying waysides and ‘wastelands’. Also, it is the World as was; where use and respect of herbal kin were unstigmatic and common traits for many Humans - before Mugwort, and other plants, were sullied by associations with witches, myth and new age ideologies.